Relationship between Openfire-AsteriskIM-Spark Sip phone-etc

I have a PBXinAflash server running fine. Openfire 3.06a running on the same box. Spark 2.5.8 running on my XP workstation. I just can not seem to get my head wrapped around how all these play together. I created a user for myself in OF and even attached all of my IM accounts to it via the IM gateway. When I sign into Spark all of the IM buddies show up and work great. I installed the new sip-phone module in Openfire and in Spark. Now my delima. If I configure it for my desktop (Aastra 57i) phone, then all calls go to Spark instead of my phone. I don’t want that. I want Spark to reflect what I am doing on the desktop phone, popup the incoming callerid, etc., but I do not want it to actually be a phone. As a test, I created a brand new extension in Asterisk, Openfire, and Spark and that works. I can dial into it from a desktop, call out from it, etc. but a completely seperate sip extension is not what I am after. Incoming calls to my desktop do not show up nor reflect my status in Spark.

Somehow I also would like to add in all of the other phone extensions into Spark so I can see their status. I added them as contacts but they just show “pending”.

If you don’t want to use Spark as a softphone, and only want your IM status to reflect when you are on your desk SIP phone, then don’t install the SIP Phone plugin for Openfire. Only install and configure the Asterisk-IM Plugin.

You also can see the phone status of the other contacts/buddies by adding their usernames and corresponding devices in the openfire management interface. You will need to make sure the asterisk management API is enabled. I am not familiar with PBXinAflash but look for a file in your asterisk directory called manager.conf.

So to sum it up, the relationship of the various plugins/programs mention in the title of your post…

  • Openfire - XMPP/Jabber server

  • Spark - XMPP/Jabber client

  • Phone Client - SIP softphone addon for Spark

  • SIP Phone Plugin - plugin for Openfire that allows Phone Client to work. It auto confs the Phone Client based on the user that logs in with it.(I think) It will display phone status of that user to others obviously.

  • Asterisk-IM - Openfire plugin that connects to the management API of an asterisk server and receives event notification. Using those events it will display the status of any user as long as you have them mapped user --> sip device. (typically expressed as SIP/XXX where XXX is the extension number)

Please keep in mind I write this only 10 minutes after finally getting my own Openfire - Asterisk-IM setup to work.