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Release date for 3.5.0 moved

Our original release date for Openfire 3.5.0 was slated for this Thursday, March 6th. However, it is important that this release be available alongside Clearspace 2.0, whose release date is slated for the end of March or early April. As a result, we will be holding off the Openfire 3.5.0 release until it can be released at the same time as Clearspace 2.0. We’re very excited about the improvements in the ease of integration between Openfire and Clearspace, as well as the number of other new features and fixes coming in 3.5.0, and we believe it will be worth the wait! =) None-the-less, we apologize for the delay!

Best to make sure all is great with 3.5.0 as well. Can we expect a new build of 3.4.x to address the Oracle and other DB issues introduced in the last version? I personally have been holding off on the latest release because of this problem.

We are not planning a 3.4.6 release at this time. Fixing the oracle issue is a pretty easy config file tweak for now. The only other issue I’m aware of is DB2 and it’s been around for a few releases. (apparently we don’t have many DB2 users? not sure) I don’t currently have any fixes in place for DB2 as I’m waiting on some more info from the person who reported problems. If things change and we end up deciding to release a 3.4.6, I’ll post a followup.

any news on BOSH 1.6 being implemented and fixing up some of the other issues with BOSH? Thanks as always for keeping us in the loop.

Not yet, but I suspect that BOSH improvements will be coming fairly soon, especially as we depend upon them more and more. =) We’ve been talking about some potential improvements in terms of performance, but nothing else specific at this time.

Well maybe we can sqeeze an update to spark in there in the mean time. HAHA, I crack myself up.

That is pretty funny mtstravel. Maybe it’ll be the release you can actually deploy to your users right out of the box!

Jesting aside, Openfire is great. Spark is pretty good. Thanks for all the niftyness.

I guess i will have to wait for big brother a little bit more

Does it mean that one can’t update the one without the other?

You know, that’s a bloody good question. I mean if you don’t have them connected right now, then no, there’s no reason why you have to upgrade them both together. If you have them linked for presence related things, you -might- have to upgrade them both together. I don’t know for certain. I’ll point someone who would probably know the answer at this and maybe they’ll have more info. =)

Hi Daniel,

my CSX (v1.10.0) is currently connected to Openfire (v3.3.2) as an external component for presence. I see no reason why one would like to update them together. And I prefer open interfaces which allow me to replace Openfire with ejabberd or MSN and ClearspaceX with Sharepoint if I feel ill.


Hey LG,

When using Openfire 3.5.0 with Clearspace 2.0 you will get a much improved setup and connectivity between them. For instance, if you stop Openfire and move it to a new machine and start it up again then Clearspace will autoreconfigure and reconnect to the new machine. The same goes for changing the port for external components or the password for the external component.

Besides auto-configuration and simpler configuration you also get a centralized user, groups, vCards, authentication and auditing solution. However, even though using CS and OF will give you all those benefits you can still integrate it with other XMPP servers. We are using standard protocols like XMPP and also REST so other servers can be used as well. Of course, the integration will not be out of the box but if any XMPP server that supports ad-hoc commands and can speak REST can be used as an Openfire replacement.

Having said that, the more we integrate Openfire with Clearspace the harder it will be to use other XMPP servers with Clearspace. This will be so not because we are locking the application but just because of the amount of things needed to be implemented on the XMPP server. For instance, for Openfire 3.6.0 we are adding support for running several MUC services in Openfire. The idea is to have a MUC service just for Clearspace where each space, project, etc. will have their own room. Rooms in this new service will delegate their permission checking to Clearspace. So for instance, if a user tries to join a room then the room will check with the sapce in CS if the user can join the room.


– Gato