Release of Smack trunk


There are a lot of interesting stuff on Smack trunk including support of pubsub.

Are there any plans of making a release of these freatures. If so when ?

I’m asking because I’m working on extendng the existing xmpp support in Apache Camel to support pubsub.

These changes can not go into a official Camel release while depending on Smack Snapshots.



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I share the same concern ! we are using smack and openfire with the pubsub extension in a professional project but the support of this feature by the developpers seems to be an issue. I understand that it is an Open source project led by volonteers. They have done a great job ! but as a consequence the user support has to be improved.

If you are using an open source project in a professional environment it mean to me “commercial”. As a logical consequence the project lead should assign some ressources to provide any support needed for an open source aou are using to the benefit of the project. To hav free lunch, enjoy it and cmplain about the fact that the dishes are not the latest and greated piece of china available is somewhat unfair to all volunteers spending their free time with Smack.

And Yes: I am running a development department using Spark, Smack, Openfire and we are having dedicated ressources that contribute to this project.

The smack “owner” is somewhat unclear. Hence no one would declare that nightly a “final”. Can you provide a positive test statement for a Smack nightly? This would improve the chance to have it cleared and a proper release might be done in conunction with Spark (that is doing quite a bit of progress recently).

Well for my part I spend free time to extend an open source project under the Apache Licence. So no free lunch here !! Just entusiasm about helping the community to progress.

Part of delivering foos is not only building great software, but at the same time have a process that ensures other parties that the libraries they depend on has been to a release cycle ensuring the best possible quality resulting in a deliverable release.

Actually my project is an academic one, nothing commercial in it and the ressources available are scarce. Anyway I do not blame anybody, on the contrary I’m really happy to have found a pretty good XMMP library.

And I would be glad to contribute. I started to post some comments on this site some months ago but my suggestions seemed to be ignored. For example I signaled a couple of typos in the javadoc preventing the html page from being readable. They are still there

My question is : how to contribute ?

Start by being explicit in the problem description and providing a .patch file for any fixes.

I know I try to address the pubsub related problems myself, even if that only means entering appropriate JIRA tasks.


there is very detailled document about contributions for Smack here There is also the set of “activists” discussing this documents. They are a good starting point to get something in the trunk.

You may also join the developer chat every week as advertised here I did not have the chance to join it over the last months, but the community get together there.

All of your questions can be raised there and they are as all open-sourcers a helpful bunch of people.