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Release of Spark 2.6.2

In regards to the broadcast issue, it is like the Action > Brodacast button is transparent. It will select the user that is behind the menu drop down. The way I fixed this for my manager, since mine was working fine was to change the skin to BlackSteel because it looks good with the rest of my windows. This seems to only be an issue with the “Default” skin.

Yeah, it seems search is not working anymore… SPARK-1394

Default skin should be JTatooLuna, but i can’t reproduce your issue with it. Selecting users, right clicking and pressing Send broadcast to selected users works fine

Ben, i have tried to reproduce your issue with update notifications. But i can’t. At least when i have “check for updates” unchecked in 2.6.1 version, then it doesnt prompt automatically about 2.6.2 version. Also, if i check manually, then it prompts about the new version. Have you removed the outdated Spark Manager plugin? Maybe it is causing your issue.

Hi wroot,

I’ve re-opened my firewall, and now I can’t even get Spark 2.5.8 to check for updates manually, as it says no update was found. However possibly the update servers have not yet been configured to advertise a new version, as I see that 2.6.3 has just been released!

Also see from the changelog that this particular problem has been fixed, so it’s probably not worth worrying about now. I am going to upgrade Openfire to 3.7.0, and so will use the client control pluging to prevent future upgrades.


Yes. This issue was reported by my colleague and then the ticket was reopend and fixed by Holger. I haven’t tested this yet though. But i wasn’t even able to reproduce it before the fix