Release Openfire 3.10.3?


I’d like to cut a release of 3.10.3 with the current 3.10 branch. Any objections?


You recently mentioned some BOSH issues. Are these fixed in the 3.10 branch?

There are certainly some commits, which should be cherry-picked from the master branch, the candidates are: cab285744f (OF-954) 3f89ea0a1d (OF-921) a55bd6d0ee 21ce403c56 a59909e5fb (OF-938) 61470cdf85 (OF-938 followup) 6f5bb14df9 (OF-966)

Thanks CSH,

I defer to your judgement about cherry-picking, so please feel free to do so. My hope was that 3.11 would have been out by now with these fixes, but it will take a bit more time and I wanted to get speedy’s LDAP fixes in a GA release.


Can we somehow test the 3.10.3 candidate? RC maybe? I can only see night builds for 3.11.0.

A RC for a point release is not practical. I’ll manually run the bamboo build targets for 3.10 when the time comes and alert you here to test them out with links to the artifacts. Sounds good?


Hello, I also vote for this patches:

  1. Re-Implemented Pull Request #230 · TFyre/Openfire@c9653b0 · GitHub

OF-903: Simplify backup packet delivery · tevans/Openfire@477aee8 · GitHub

And something should be done with monitoring plugin because 1.4.7 is crashing and there is broken xep-0136 Re: xep 136 of monitor plugin doesn’t work in openfire 3.10.2

while 1.4.5 from ‘3.10’ branch works normal.

The first commit confuses me, because there was another commit, which does the opposite: 914bef46ba

OF-903 pushed to 3.10 branch.

Both works for me, but my serverName is equal ‘xmpp.fqdn’ in my environment. May be in some cases it is more convenient to have this flexibility in configuration, therefore OF-477 Correct SASLserver to use consistent digest-uri · igniterealtime/Openfire@d7dfd3b · GitHub does not needed.

If we apply this patch parameter ‘xmpp.fqdn’ won’t be used elsewhere.


Yeah, I don’t recall what happened, but there was an original PR that was merged, then another PR 249 that reverted it and then another PR 279 that added it back in with an additional change.


Hm, ok I don’t care about that one, but maybe it should be discussed with the authors.

I asked to have xmpp.fqdn removed because it broke sso when using java 8.

now my case may be different: my xmpp.fqdn is different that my xmpp.domain, which is also different than my servers hostname!


To update everyone, I think OF-881 should block a release based on this discussion ,



My current thought is to release the current 3.10 branch as 3.10.3 once we get some more confirmation that Tom’s fix yesterday for OF-881 is stable. Yes, I’ll place links to binaries here first for people like wroot to test them before updating the website. Any objections?


Fine by me. Of course, my testing won’t be about those fixes. Just a general overview of how it looks and can i login at least

I just have compiled ‘3.10’ and updated production server. I’m going to watch them during tomorrow.

I have prepared the 3.10.3 release and here are the candidate artifacts. Please squawk if you see any troubles!

sha1sum's 10093d7d5af8e68a69544d1a647978f2523f88c7  openfire_3_10_3.dmg ecc63d97173f6795759fe8bfab5974477d98d608  openfire_3_10_3.exe 8e5609b1d44cd1f6ede939f5219c70acd7d06e38  openfire_3_10_3.tar.gz a1fd0d677453bedde3d7e8f90505c8436f8279ec 22cf5b6a62760d53bcd87d4b87f3c787cb5a57b7  openfire_src_3_10_3.tar.gz 5c6b303b46ce88a3c02f50f10f0e1ddd1e9a4085 ebf86f137e4cf95552f7d22d2e65fb93e3aa6794  openfire-3.10.3-1.i386.rpm 211545b3c4e1f88a34ee7ba4a9fd5d5325de72b8  openfire_3.10.3_all.deb
  • openfire_3_10_3.dmg
  • openfire_3_10_3.exe
  • openfire_3_10_3.tar.gz
  • openfire_src_3_10_3.tar.gz
  • openfire-3.10.3-1.i386.rpm
  • openfire_3.10.3_all.deb

Looks good so far. But i don’t use BOSH or LDAP SSL, so those changes are not affecting me much.

It works OK. I have not got any new problems and warnings about “write to closed connection” have gone. I think it is rather stable.