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Remote Assistance sparkplug for Windows XP?

I’‘ll start off by saying that I’‘ve tried, but I can’‘t understand Java. Believe me I’'ve tried. I want to write Sparkplugs, but Java makes my head hurt.

So in lieu of this ‘‘handicap’’, I just want to put this idea for a sparkplug out there. I’'m wondering if it would be a simple feat to make a plugin that would help users create a Remote Assistance request that can be sent via IM to others. As far as I can tell, the invitation information is sent to another machine via an xml file. If all it takes to do this is to generate the xml file, transfer it via IM, then initiate it via some shell command, I would think that this would be a relatively easy plugin to make.

I think that the ability to initiate RA via Spark would be an ability that many an admin would like, resulting in more installs of Openfire and Spark. As far as I’‘m concerned, RA is buried in the window interface and doesn’‘t get used much because it isn’'t more obvious to initiate.

If one goes to Help and Support under the Windows Start Menu, one can initiate an invite. I would suggest that you might try selecting the option to ‘‘Save as a file’’ and then open the file with a text editor to see it’'s format.

Anyway, put your comments here as to whether this would be a worthwhile endeavor for some Java programmer looking for something to do.

Sounds like a good idea to me - though it would be Windows specific.

You’'d also need to sort out authentication (autogenerate a password and IM that too?).

The file itself would also need to be stored somewhere safe - a user’'s profile? and a reasonable timeout set.



I’'m working on something along these lines - a vnc server request - java so os independent.

Slow progress!