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Remote Desktop with Spark?

Hello people,

there is the possibility with spark to make remote desktop with spark, like NetMeeting oder VNC?

If not, it is planned to integrate such a thing?

Or someone can tell me which Jabberclient can do that?


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jjeeaahh that is a good idea.

for faster support @ lan.

Look that programm

Outlook Lan-Messenger + Voip + Remote Desktop



I’'ve been watching http://www.dimdim.com Looks like they have Wildfire as a Partner?

Maybee something is in the works?

Hi cneal,

I noticed dimdim using Wildfire as well, but it turns out that they have now pulled Wildfire out of their product. I have not been able to find out why (or what they switched to), unfortunately, so if you hear please post.

Out of curiosity, what do you like about dimdim and what would you like to see beyond what they are offering?



Right now I’‘m just looking to replace Microsoft Messenger for Exchange 2000 Functionality… While IM is important… It’'s the Desktop Sharing, etc. that enhances the process… Currently this is performed by the Netmeeting engine in Windows XP … However, with the release of Vista Netmeeting is gone.

So using IM and then launching Share Application (via Netmeeting) was a handy support tool for us.

Have not seen the DimDim software yet… Just ran across it and hoped it could fill a nice gap!

It will depend upon the company if they want to provide remote desktop facility with spark. Till then make use of remote desktop tools like logmein, R-HUB remote support servers, Teamviewer etc. for all your remote access and remote desktop needs.