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Remote Nicknames

I’‘m creating a Jabber Client in Delphi, and I’'m using Wildfire 2.6.

by default when user1 tries to login he gets the roster items containing a nickname when he defined at the time of adding user2.

I want that if user2 changes his full name( the one that is displayed in admin console) and user1 tries to login then user1 should get that new full name not the nickname he assigned to user2.

any ideas???

Hi Karimzai,

it may be a bad idea but you could query the vcard of all users on the roster and display the first and last name instead the buddy name. A mouse-over should anyhow show the buddy name, that’'s really usefull if you have three Michael Myers at work. You may be glad to be able to know to which one you are talking.