Remote(offsite) connections no possible with Windows XP, why not?

I was testing WiFi 2.6, getting ready for deployment. I wanted to run this server on a XP SP2 machine, so I tested on the same OS. I found I was not able to connect to the server from “off-site” using Spark.

I searched the forums and ran through some tests. Still was not able to.

So I installed WiFi on a Win2003 server, updated firewall settings and was able to connect from off site with no problems.

Can anyone explain to me why I was unable to connect to my WiFi server when it is running on Windows XP SP2???


Mark C.

Hey Mark,

Were you using a firewall in your WinXP SP2 box? Windows XP SP2 includes a built in firewall so make sure that it is correctly configured to let clients connect to ports 5222 and/or 5223. For a quick test you can disable the firewall and see how it goes.

Some tools you might find handy:

Sysinternals Freeware - TCPView:

From your client machine you can use telnet to test the connectivity to the server. From the command line you can execute something like: telnet 5222. If you are able to connect then your clients should be able to connect as well.


– Gato