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Remotely accessing the openfire installed on fedora machine

HI ,

I have installed Openfire on fedora machine. i can start the openfire on this machine and it runs on the localhost. But i can not access openfire remotly as follows


i have desabled ip tables on this computer

also when i do telnet for port 9090 on the localhost , it works

could some one help me to get this working

Thanks in advance for any help


do you use a public or a private (10./192.168.) IP for your server? Do you try to connect to the server in your LAN or over the internet?

Does “netstat -an|grep 9090” return “” or “*:9090”?


Hi LG,

Thank you for the respond,

I am using public ip address

i am trying to connect to it over the internet

“netstat -an|grep 9090” returns

tcp 0 0 :::9090 :::* LISTEN

Thanks again for looking in to this