Remove Groups

I am running Openfire 3.5.0 and I am just wondering if there is a way to remove the groups that it picked up in Active Directory. It found and added all the exchange distribution lists and security groups and I don’t want those in there as it just takes up room and adds to the overhead. Also there are accounts that we use in IT for specific software BESAdmin etc. is there a way to remove them?

I am going to be moving openfire to a new server in the next week or so as the one it is on now is old and on its last legs so I figured that I would ask now so that I can make those changes on my new server.

This might help, we broke our active directory up into groups (IT, Accounting etc.) and they are all under one main group called staff. Is there a way when quering AD to go into specific OU’s like IT and accounting but not others like IT related and such?

I’m not running 3.5 yet but I created a security group in AD and based the LDAP query on the groups membership.

It seems easier to filter it on the query rather than once it’s in Openfire.

That seems like a good idea, I will try that when I get to that point in a day or so.