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Remove registration script from port 9090?

Hey guys, I am using the registration script and I love how easy it is to use but is there a way to stick it on port 80, within my Apache webspace? I know it can be done with mod_proxy and mod_rewrite but that seems complicated. I am thinking there has got to be away I can do it like a normal script…

Thanks in advance!


sorry for my english[/i]

did you try the config sample posted here ?


you can copy and adapt the code, in your virtualhost configuration (i didn’'t try this with directories and locations directives)

for example, if you want that all plugins responds in 80 and 9090, you can use :

ProxyVia On

RewriteEngine On

RewriteConf % ^/plugins/

RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://jabber.my.company:9090/$1 [/code]

with that, http://jabber.my.company/plugins/* and http://jabber.my.company:9090/plugins/* will be equal

i didn’‘t try the web registration, but to work, the html forms must work with this port, not only with 9090 (that’‘s why i didn’‘t use this tips for the wildfire’‘s admin, I can’‘t login) and I can’‘t test it now, I’'m in holidays.

first, you can test your mod_rewrite/mod_proxy config with the plugin presence, it works wery well

and when it’'s done, you can try why the registration plugin

if you post your apache configuration (only the interresting part) , I can try to help you.

Good luck


Does that actually change the port or just the URL used?

Here is what I did to take requests in on port 80 and proxy back to itself to connect to port 9090

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Hi Chris,

this example without mod_rewrite is the bad idea because you do not gain security. Usually one wants to hide the admin interface and allow only access to a plugin. The above configuration changes only the port and the domain name, it may also change the path information of the URL.

But if you want to access also the admin interface using port 80 than this is fine.


Many ways to protect the admin interface, but here is a way to just proxy plugins and style sheets. Keep adding any other dir you want, rename the dirs if you want in case you want to hide the plugin name from the URL, also point root to another location if you want as well.

Just a way to do it that seems easier than rewrite and will allow connection through port 80.

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