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Remove the Tasks and Notes icons from Spark

I love the feature to have tasks and notes, but our company already has our own Project server so I would like to remove the icons for tasks and also the notes icon from the Spark client.

I cant seem to find where it loads the icons in the source anywhere.

While I am asking this might as well ask how to add my own icon to this menu and how to detect when it is clicked. Think we can handle it from there, but just cant find where to access this code.

Thank in advance,


The task and Notes are embed plugins in Spark.

You may have to add a custom option to Spark to prevent it being loaded.

If you are talking just about the images, they are all in \spark\src\resources\images

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Okay so what I was looking for was where in the spark source the buttons are being created.

Like I found refeences to the menu but cant find anywhre that is adding the add contact, broadcast, task, notes buttons to the bar.

so what your saying is to add code to a plugin to get rid of the buttons, but I am sure there has to be a place in the code somewhere that the buttons are being added to the menu.

I would like to replace with completly different buttons, so the icon are no big deal understand that they are in the resouces images folder, but just want different buttons all together there.

Any ideas on this, oh yeah thanks for the quick reply!