Remove user from pubsub on disconnect!


Can any one think of a way to remove the users pubsub subscriptciton when the user disconnects.

I am using Openfire as pubsub service.


2500 users connect and subscribe to a pubsub, works great. Pubsub is send every 10 seconds.

2500 users all disconnect. Pubsub is still send every 10 seconds.

This causes Openfire 3.7.0 to hog the CPU, setting the debug on shows that Openfire is busy trying to send a pubsub ot disconnected users… Trying to send the pubsub to offline storeage…

There is a node configuration for presence based delivery. Try setting that to true.

Hi and thanks for the answere.

I have tried to set the presenceBades=1 in ofpubsubdefaultconf.

How ever it does not work.

When I do set it to true on one gets a subscripbed pubsub… Online or not…

Well, I think you need to actually configure the node itself first before giving up that option. I can’t comment on whether the default options works, but that is seperate from configuring the actual node.

If that still doesn’t work, then you can add a plugin to OpenFire that will be a listener for Offline events and unsubscribe the user when they occur. I have done something similar in the past myself which deleted items from the node when a user logged off.

Hi again and thank you for you interest.

When I set presenceBased=1 in ofpubsubdefaultconf, the presenceBased does get set in ofpubsubnode.

I like you idea on creating a plugin to Openfire that does this for me.

I just have to dust off my programing skill and start…