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Removing 9090 from URLs with proxy

I have Openfire 3.3 with admin console access on port 9090. The same server has apache with modproxy. Modproxy will properly forward requests to 9090 so the user does not have to have :9090 in the URL. But when logging on, logging off, or going to webchat, the URLs are being rewritten to have the 9090 in them.

Is there a way to stop the 9090 from being added to the URL? It is a minor annoyance when using the admin console, but it prevents users from accessing webchat on port 80.


On page http://servername/plugins/enterprise/fastpath/workgroup-summary.jsp

clicking on the webchat link opens the page http://servername:9090/webchat/

I can change this to http://servername/webchat/ and see the same page, but when I click on the “Live Help Click Here”, it opens the webchat window with http://servername:9090

Just in case someone reads this thread in the futre, here is the solution I ended up using.

Create an http vhost and two https vhosts. ( http://im.company.com, https://im.company.com, https:im2.company.com )

The first https vhost is for webchat & sparkweb and uses mod_jk to connect to a local jboss server which contains sparkweb and webchat.

The second https vhosts is for admin and uses mod_proxy to rewrite to localhost:9090 (https admin)

The http vhost uses RewriteEngine to change http to https. For any URL that does not contain /webchat or /sparkweb, change the URL to im2. For any URL that does contain /webchat or /sparkweb, change the http to https.