Removing Broadcast Message from the Action menu

I was wondering if it had been done if so where can i find it. or where in the code is the line have to modfied to remove selection in the menu from spark. I fear is my user will blast message all day long.

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If you want to lock down the ability to broadcast and only allow a few users, you can define a property called plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers and specify the users you want to allow. Check out this post:

Let me know if this helps


That what your talkng about that will not work because i was using the spark client. What i would like to do is remove choice from the sparks menu. if it is open source this would be easy to do i just do know where to look.

Or if there a free client that does not have the broadcast fuction in the client that works with wildfire i could try that.



Link to tread:

Hey guys,

I just tried it here and it is working fine for me. How are you sending

the broadcast message? Are you sending a message to (where should be replaced by

your real server name)?

One other test you can try is to add to your

contact list. Only people allowed to broadcast messages to all users

will be allowed to add the all group. BTW, if you are using Spark and

using the broadcast feature then I’‘m afraid that it won’'t work. Spark is

not using the all@broadcast service and instead it is sending a message

to each user in the roster.

Let me know how it goes.


– Gato


if you did fetch the SVN source it shouldn’'t be there any more. Did you compile and start it and got a “Broadcast” button?


i took a look im not sure witch one you pointing me to? A little more help would be great. Also is there doc on customizing or building a client