Removing saved passwords

I’m trying to remove the saved passwords from the files on all of our systems.

Using version 2.7.3 build 715, I’ve been able to modify the file in the jar and set HIDE_SAVE_PASSWORD = true (thanks to issue SPARK-1640). This does what it’s supposed to do and hides the ‘save password’ button. However, if you are to type in your username, password, and server, and check the ‘Auto Login’ box, it will essentially do the same thing… it saves the password and auto logs in.

To make this work in practice, I think we’ll need an additional option to also hide the auto login option.

I have filed this as [SPARK-1644] Add an option to hide auto login checkboxes - Jive Software Open Source and will add this option at some point this week. Again, this will only hide the checkboxes and users would still be able to turn this on manually. And this will not change the setting for those, who already had auto login and save password enabled.

I’ve renamed the setting and now it hides both the Save password and Auto login checkboxes. You can find this change in 719 build Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds