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Rename Openfire Server

Is it possible to rename the Openfire server without a complete rebuild? I’m running Openfire on Windows 2003 SP2. Thanks.

It is possible. If the machine is bound to AD you need to change its name to match what you want to call it. You also need to change the server name in the admin panel under the Server Information and System Properties. Reboot the server and recreate the self signed certificates.

Have changed the machine name in AD and all (actually rebuilt the server), however Openfire still thinks the name is the original name. At least, it has the old name in the Admin tool. I copied the Openfire directory from the original setup to keep the other settings so obviously the name was one of those. Perhaps, the better question would be, how do you move the Openfire config to a new server? Thanks again.

The config file is in the openfire directory in the conf folder. It is called openfire.xml. This file only contains basic settings the rest are stored in the database. Did you edit the settings in the openfire admin like I said in my earlier post?