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Renameing User Names

I am trying to change the usernames for all the users in my organization and I am running into brick walls figuring it out. Currently the usernames are firstname.lastname and i want to make them the same as their email address: firstname.lastname@multibandusa.com. I can create new users the way that I want but I can’t change current ones. I’ve tried using the import/export plugin and that wont accept it and you can’t change it in the web admin. Is there some database query or something that I can do to change this? I am not doing this through AD because we are merging two Active Directories and Openfire servers and it was just faster to not.


when you change the username to "foo@example.com" then you will get a JID like “foo\40example.com@example.com” as “@” must be encoded with “\40”.

Changing user names also changes the JID, so this affects all rosters, even on remote servers if any.

You may create a .txt dump of the database and replace there the usernames. You may need to store them there with the \40-encoding and not with “@” or other disallowed characters.

See also: http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0106.html#escaping


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That helps a ton. I can use the import plugin doing it like this.