Renaming a production WildFire Server -- Invalid JID''s

I have a production WildFire server which needs to be renamed (not the server, just the WildFire instance running on it). However, I have tested with another WildFire server and when I rename the WildFire server, this invalidates the rosters because the JID is now xxxx@newhostname. All client rosters contain xxxx@oldhostname and when trying to IM, they can no longer contact a person on their roster without having to re-add the contact.

Is there any way to update the rosters so that they contain the newhostname in the JID without having everyone recreate their rosters? I’‘m far from a DBA, but as the table name describes I’'m sure the rosters are stored in the jiveRoster table.

rosterID NUMBER n/a ID of roster (Primary Key)

username VARCHAR 32 User Name




The address of the roster entry




The subscription status of the entry




The ask status of the entry




Flag indicating the entry is a roster request that was received




The nickname assigned to this roster entry

If I create a query that will parse through the tables jid column for all oldhostnames and update with newhostname, will this remedy the issue?

I searched and searched but was not able to locate a related doc in the forum. Any help/direction that you can provide on this matter is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

Hey digitalz,

I know that some people have used the userImportExport plugin to do this work. I think they exported the user base to an XML file and then did a find&replace with the new domain.

One other option would be to execute an UPDATE SQL statement using the REPLACE function. All supported DBs support the REPLACE function.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

I did try to update the JID’‘s in the JiveRoster table with the new server name, but using the xodus, soapbox, and spark clients I was unable to IM anyone on my roster. Presence status wasn’‘t updated either. The clients appear to hold roster information aside from what the server/DB holds for the roster entry as the JID’‘s when hovering a user in the roster shows the old JID (even through the DB table has been updated). Oddly enough removing the user from the roster removes the entry from the JiveRoster table. So apparently the association exists; why doesn’'t the client pickup the changes already made in the DB?

The import/export plugin only works against the 3.1.1 version, I am running 3.0.1 and AD integrated. Do you or anyone else have any ideas? There has to be a way to accomplish this… Thanks again for your help!