Renaming an account


It is either not implemented in OF or (way more likely!) I am too dumb to find it?

How does an Admin rename an existing account without touching anything else. I guess there are also people getting married in Portland, so what is the correct procedure when she returns to the office? :wink:



Hi Starry,

As far as I know, this is not possible on the admin console. You have to delete the account and then create a new one. Unfortunately, deleting accounts has a whole series of bugs with not cleaning out the database


You can change Name. You canโ€™t change username. So you have to create a new account in that case. I hate them changing their names, 90% of our personnel here - women, dohโ€ฆ


Thanks for the info. Although not really positive it somehow confirms my findings. And while I am at lamenting around:

Are software developers really humans???

I mean, in all honesty why do software geeks always ignore the reality.

The earth is not flat, hard discs break and people do change their names, fact, fact fact!!! :frowning:

This is no personal offense to Jive or this community in particular but more a general offense to anyone claming to do SOCIAL software/networking but completely ignoring the SOCIAL part of it.

Enough said, the current situation is a shame IMHO!

P.S. I also found some very weired behaviour reg. deleting and reentring user- and/or group- and /or room names. The cleanup code seems to be incomplete.



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This is somewhat similar to the Roster in spark lost after AD ID renaming??? discussion. Openfire has a User Service plugin. Can somebody please use that service to create a GUI to update (rename) usernames? That would be cool.