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Renaming of contacts - not persistant?


I use Red5 (so JWChat) as a client. When I rename contacts and put them in another group it seems to work. However when I log on at a later time all contact are reverted back to the difficult readable format again (blabla%hotmail.com).

Is it possible to make the contact renaming persistant? Perhaps you can create a server variable to change this behaviour?

Thanks a lot,


The problem I’‘ve been seeing from my end is that I can’‘t really tell what the end user is doing. =( Some clients do some odd things. I appear to occasionally receive group change packets but for some reason the nickname isn’‘t set anymore. I don’‘t really know what’‘s causing that. That said, I’'ll see if I can figure out something. GATE-219

Wow! Thanks for the quick reaction :). I checked the description of your bug report, but it is not only limited to moving groups I’'m afraid…

I just renamed an account and logged off. Then when logging on again the rename remained. When I restarted the server however I saw the rename for a short while (about a second), and then it was renamed back to the original crappy name :(.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for the quick response!