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Repeatable Spark Crash (Win32)

I don’t see a bug list anywhere, so I will post this here:

Spark 2.5.5 on WinXP Pro 32 Bit with Java 6, Update 2

If I click on ‘Leave with Reason’, and leave the text field blank, the application crashes and vanishes. Unfortunately, no text is written to the Client Log for this crash.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, please direct me if this is the case.


Works fine here. With built in and system JRE (latest). Windows 2000 SP4, Spark 2.5.5, JRE 6u2

Thanks for the report. I filed SPARK-812 to look into this issue.



Hmm, I wonder if what I am seeing is the application actually leaving when I hit ‘cancel’ instead of crashing…It looks exactly the same as if I hit ‘Ok’ on the ‘Leave with reason’ dialogue.


Hi deegz,

By any chance are you running a skinned version? I’m wondering if the logout is actually happeing, but the login is not.



I do use Window Blinds on this machine if that is what you mean, but I have definitely repeated this problem on a different non-skinned XP workstation. I can say for certain though that what happens is that hitting cancel on the ‘Logout with reason’ dialogue with either no text in the field or anything will cause Spark.exe to disappear from my running tasks list. It would appear that hitting Cancel is performing a logout.

I hope this helps. Although I must say I am more concerned by some of the ‘No reconnect after connection fail’ type bugs such as after hibernate or disconnection of LAN, because they are real showstoppers, so please don’t let me waste too much of your time on this (smaller) issue


There is a bug indeed. Cancel shouldnt perform a logout of Spark.

Spark is already reconnecting on LAN failure.