Replaceable RosterItemProvider

Are you guys interested in a patch to let RosterItemProvider be replaced similar to the other replaceable providers?

I have a patch but don’‘t see how to attach it here, probably blind. It’'s a pretty obvious change anyhow (make RosterItemProvider an interface, load the class name from config file, like the other providers)

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We’‘re definitely potentially interested. Can you give some more detail about the use-case so that we understand why it’‘s a good thing to have that class be pluggable? Also, I’'ve now given you permission to post attachments.



The idea is that I have a web site that also has a “my friends list” concept, so replacing the user provider and also the roster provider to backend off the same database as the web site. I haven’‘t coded the “replace the roster” part yet, so I don’'t know if it will work out or not; it could require changes to the RosterProvider interface, or there could be a semantic mismatch that makes things break. But here is the naive patch that could work in theory (most of the diff is just moving RosterProvider to DefaultRosterProvider, little actual code change).
roster.patch (28870 Bytes)

Really this patch will solve my problem


Yeah, I would be really helpful. In case when I already have custom database containing relations between users.

Moreover, replaceable RosterItemProvider is more suitable for module arch of the Openfire.

It seems logical to be able to replace RosterItemProvider if I can replace AuthProvider, UserProvider and GroupProvider.


Has anyone updated this patch to work with a newer version of Openfire?

I doubt. You are encouraged to update this patch, if you want to.