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Replacing of OpenFire on new server

Hello Dear Support of OpenFire,

I have problems with replacing of Openfire. I used one server based Debian 7 and there are installed OpenFire with simple store of data (hsqldb) and all contacts and users written in file openfire.script.

My OpenFire was install in path /opt/openfire/ (I’ve installed from tar.gz, not *.deb package)

But today I need replace my openfire on new server, I’ve copied my folder openfire from old server to new, also in path /opt/openfire/, then I’ve set my domain which use for OpenFire I’ve set IP of new server too. Then I’ve started openfire on new server /opt/openfire/bin/./openfire start
And I’ve logged to my admin panel. And I can see all users from my domain, but when I use my jabber client (pidgin) I can’t see all my contacts from external domain. All conacts offline.

What the problems?

Help me please,