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Reporting error on upgrade from 4.0.3 and MS SQL Server

Hello everyone.
I noticed a problem while trying to upgrade my Openfire server from version 4.0.3 to 4.4.2.
After upgrading the software I couldn’t log into the admin account. Upon checking the logs I noticed there were SQL update errors. After that, my database version (table ofVersion) was on 24. While trying manually run the script numbered “25” I realized there was a mistake on the MS SQL script.
DROP INDEX IF EXISTS ofMucConvLog_msg_id ON ofMucConversationLog;
doesn’t seem to be valid on MS SQL.
I just removed the conditional, then the error changed from syntax error to not existent reference, then proceeded to run the rest of the scripts, so I could login all right.
I’m no SQL specialist and can’t suggest an improved correct syntax, sorry. I’m just reporting this issue so it can be fixed in future releases.

Thank you and have a nice day!

What MSSQL version?

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (v12.0).

Just searched it up, it seems the mentioned SQL command is valid only from SQL Server 2016 (v13.x) and up, so probably my mistake for not looking it up.
However SQL Server 2014 is still within its extended life cycle (mainstream ended in June).
Well I don’t know if it is worth bothering with this (most people probably just use MySQL), I just wanted to report my problem during the upgrade.
Best regards!

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