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Is there a way to get some kind of reports on the usage of spark and openfire or is that only through the Enterprise product?

You mean such things here?

Check out this plugin:

(with a bit Java knowledge and this base you should be able to build your own plugin which does exactly what you want)

Yes I do mean that but I do not know anything about Java and building my own plugin. So I guess the answer is no to the reports then?

So I guess the answer is no to the reports then?

I don’t know any other plugin which does this…but Java is not that hard to learn, especially if know already other object-oriented languages. If you only want these statistics you would have basically nothing else to do than translate some strings from German and set some path constants. For this there is no real Java knowledge required:

Open +StatLogger.java+ with Notepad (or any other texteditor you have) and:

  1. translate the LEGEND_* constants:

From top to bottom: “users online”, “resources online”, “registered users”, “incoming”, “outgoing” and “(XMPP-packets per minute)”

  1. check if constants PATH_IMAGES and PATH_DATABASE are correct and change them if necessary.

Download Openfire source code and place your modified version of WebReg in the plugins directory. Compile the plugin using ant as described in plugin guide. You will find the *.jar file in openfire_src/target/openfire/plugins/webreg.jar.

The Webinterface and the Interceptor should be disabled by default. The only disadvantage is that there are now two new pages in you admin console, but you can simply ignore them. Also the Interceptor costs a bit performance, because it intercepts all packets without doing anything useful.