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Repository/Roadmap update

Hello all,

I wanted to bring everyone up to date on the current development plans. The wildfire repository was branched last week for 2.6.x. Any further 2.6.x bug fix releases will be made in that branch. SVN trunk is now for Wildfire 3.0 development. We’‘re working towards a milestone release about one month away and then a final release in late June or early July. If you check out the issue tracker you’'ll see major themes for the release, but that will get filled out in more detail over the coming weeks. Of course, 3.0 will rock.



Hi Matt,

please make a 3.0.0-beta version available for the developers two weeks before you release 3.0.0, I can still remember some Wifi 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 bugs very good.


Yep, there will definitely be a formal beta process.