REQ: BetaTesters for Localization Plugin (Spark with

Dear all,

currently I am working on a plugin for Spark (2.0.7+) together with Plazes (a location based service, that is able to match your current network connection to a specific location). Unfortunatly I only have limited resources in terms of test an qa equipment.

So, if someone wants to test the plugin please download it from lang=en .

If you do not have a account feel free to contact me - and I will forward you an invitation.

Currently the plugin is in a POC stage. So it should just demonstrate that it could work - The coding is horrible - and it is actualy just a reuse of JWSPlazer. This leads to the limitation. It is expected to work on either Windows or Linux.

With the plugin you are able to:

  • Make your presence available (Showing others where you are - AKA: WHEREAMI)

  • Place a TODO - like: “as soon as I am at home feed cat” - that gets displayed as soon as you connect at home.

Dear Jive: This is the only resource I see to get in touch with SparkDevs - So please do not remove this thread.

BTW: Every Feedback is Welcome!

Thanks & Regards,

Is the source code available for this plugin by chance?

Seems like a pretty good idea for a plugin btw



yes, the source code is available - due to no SVN/CVS share at the moment I could only forward it by mail (it’'s small enough). But I will try to put it on either sourceforge or similar.

And: Yes - the code looks horrible at the moment - because I just forced to get it to work. (Now the 80% of further development is required to make it nice).

If you send me a private message with your E-Mail I forward you the code.




I to would be very interested in this plugin and to be updated with it’'s development. When you are finished, I would love to take a look and maybe make it publicly available.



Hi All,

I just uploaded an alpha release to

This version is just tested on my computer - but it is expected to work on some more :).

Current features:

=> Changes your Status to reflect your current Plaze

=> Implements part of the XEP-0080

=> Enabled users to be reminded on certain things as soon as they are on a certain plaze.

=> Creates a map “on the fly” with your Plazes + Your Contacts from the Roster (if they have a XEP-0080 complient client…)

The Plugin itself will only work on Linux + Windows.

Please - Please test - if you do not have a account - send me a mail to zoerner(on) and I will send you an invitation. If you have any problems using this - please inform me - and double check:



Wow zoernert,

This is very very cool. I went ahead and created a plazas account and downloaded the plugin. I can definitley see where you are heading with this. I have some initial feedback.

a) Creating the 3 tabs within the Workspace pane takes up too much horizontal room, I would recommend creating one “Plazas” tab and then adding Collapsible Panes within that UI.

b) What is the Bean Scriptor for?

c) When I try and Map my location, it brings up a browser with localhost. Obviously, this doesn’'t do anything.

d) For the list of friends, I would use a JList along with a sweet JPanelRenderer. This would allow for better selection management.

That is all I have for now, but it’'s sweet