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Request: Docking of Spark Client

I posted something about this around 6 months ago and a few people spoke up saying they would like it as well.

I run dual monitors, and it would be nice if Spark had the ability to dock against the edge of the screen.

If docking isn’t possible, another nice option would be for spark to remember it’s last position when you log in.

Every morning when I fire up spark it starts in the middle of monitor 1 and I have to drag it over to the left edge of monitor two.

If spark would remember it’s window position that would alleviate the nuisance of repositioning every morning.



Is Spark remembering its position if you only move it in monitor 1? Spark is starting in the middle of the display if you move it’s window out of bounds of the display (case with 1 monitor only), so maybe it treats second monitor like “out of bounds of the first monitor”.

Btw, SPARK-881 says, that it remembers relative position. What happens if you move it to 2 monitor but not to the edge, but just in some corner. I think it will startup in the same corner, but on the 1 monitor. When you move it to the edge it’s very easy to move it by some pixels out of bounds and it will popup in the middle next time. Snapping to the edges of the screen and taskbar would be great to have indeed - SPARK-956

Tried to move it a bit away from the edge, nothing was off the screen, did a log out and logged back in, still popped in the center of Monitor 1.

Setting it up on monitor 1 and restarting it, it does remember the window position.

Thanks for the input, just wish it would remember where I parked it on monitor 2