Request fix for "things that affect history" (transcripts)

I’ve discovered things that “break” history when I was merging together separate files created when our Operations staff “kept changing server names”.

Bottom line, it seems that “CDATA” will break the history dislpay even if those entries are otherwise correct.

See examples attached. I thought that one of the examples showed that “long” entries broke history, but now I see that that entry ALSO includes CDATA.

================================================================================ =====

It would also be nice to know about any XML “MERGE” tool available as it is somewhat tedious to merge the transcripts.

Can I dream of a “merge transcript” feature? I’d guess that it “should” never be needed, yet due to server name and/or other changes made by our operations staff, I’ve had to pick through my transcripts at least three times in the last five years.

There was a bug related to CDATA and other xml breaking history. It should be fixed in the latest Spark versions (currently 2.7.2).

There is no “merge” tool that i know of. You will have to come up with some script to do this on your own.