Request for documentation

I would like to ask that server to to server configuration information be included in the documentation. Most wildfire users want to connect into the larger jabber network, and searching the forums returns many confusing answers.

Why don’‘t we have a knowledge base, a wiki or even just a plain FAQ page on this site? Forums are good to get answers to obscure questions, but this wasn’'t an obscure question. This is basic information, and it should be documented in an appropriate format.

Your code is beautiful, but the documentation is severely lacking. Could we please get a FAQ page or a Wiki?



A wiki, right!

One may post the secret URL or one may not post it as there is nearly no content in it so far, so it could be more confusing then helping.


The whole point of a Wiki is that the content is user contributed.

If a Wiki exists, the URL should be made as public as possible.


I totally agree. Maybe there are still some open issues like the design, backup/restore, special permissions, … and one may want to solve them before the URL gets released.


I went to the website, clicked on support and came up with this page. Not that difficult to find.


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Thanks for the links guys.

Jeff - I never went to, since the .org pages all pointed me to the forums. I also thought the commercial pages wouldn’'t have any free support.