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Request: Graceful network transitions

Hi, Spark looks like a good migration path from Exodus as a jabber client. Only frustration is that the application doesn’'t handle network transitions very well. Here are two examples:

  1. Laptop is on a wired connection and switches to wireless as it’'s undocked and carried to a conference room.

  2. Laptop is on a broadband connection outside the firewall. Boots up and can’'t see corporate Jabber server until VPN is launched.

In both cases, it would be preferable if the application would remain minimized in the Windows tray and keep on trying to connect to an IMserver…

a) Immediately after bootup

b) After losing a network connection

Instead, the applicaiton pops up and complains that it cannot connect - and only tries to reconnect a few times before giving up.

Hi All,

I’m having the same exact issues as below with our laptops, plus either Spark pops up a giant reconnect window or terminates altogether. Are there any plans on the horizon to fix the network transition issues and make a quieter reconnect process? The only options my users have are to logout of Spark and re-login, which is a pain, or use a different client, but we prefer Spark.