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Request Minor Change in Spark

Good Day!

may I suggest something about spark?

about the “Accounts”, is it possible for the next version or a quick patch of spark to make the registration look like this?

Real Name:

E-mail Address:



Repeat Password:


or something like that… so that it is identical to the web registration form of openfire.

because I like the convenience of having the registration in the Spark IM… aaaannndd… i dont know how to make the web registration to be accessed outside.

Thanks A Lot!

I think clients shouldnt follow some custom web registrations. If some server would ask your homepage in registration windows, should Spark has this too? All this additional info should be added in Profile(vCard). So, you should instruct your users, that after registration they should go to Spark > Profile and fill some fileds.

No, not like that…

i just wanted the “basic”.

w/c includes username, password, e-mail, real name and server.

that’'s all.

and i think that is important for the administrators because, it may lessen the time to track the abusers.

peace! =D

I found one Jabber Client… the name is myJabber (http://myjabber.org) the site said they are using openfire as their XMPP server

it has the “Fill out” form thing. more than I expected… anyway. in the design… i’‘d say spark is the best but i wanted the feature so i’'ll go bye bye to spark for now. =D

you’'ll be back, eventually

I know… hahah!! that’‘s why i’'m suggesting the reg form so that i can come back to spark. =D

but its not for me… students will use this IM server and the myjabber client. so i’‘ll just suggest to them to use myJabber client. =) and its my last term for that school so i “may” not use the system anymore. it’'ll be passed on to another group who will maintain it…

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