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Request or help - Email Listener Upgrades

Hello people! I get an idea about openfire integration with Active Directory. I saw the plagin EmailListener and it works, BUT have couple of moments to improve.

I want: make this plugin more flexible(make international texts, edit template of sending text to user).

Also, i wanna make EmailListener masseffect. I explain:

each user in windows domain have his account and in most cases have e-mail adress with name like in domain(user@dc.local, email user@company.com) with the same password. So, i need to realize how works sasl auth(plugin from http://norman.rasmussen.co.za/dl/sasl-sspi/) and make it check user’s mail and send him notification about(all like in current version of emaillistener but for each user).

Any ideas or may be some help to get start direction for me?

I am already get svn version of openfire and there harcoded texts in EmailListener plugin…

It would be nice it this plugin was extended/enhanced. Did you come up with anything?