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Requesting a quote from a plugin devoloper for a plugin that enables chathistory

My company is using spark IM 2.6.3 with the openfire server 3.7.1 by ignite realtime. Management is concerned about storage and is unwilling to use up server storage for openfire’s archiving capability, since this request is considered low priority but nice to have, I’'ve been tasked by my IM manager with finding an alternate solution. My first thought was to just check off the chathistory option in My Preferences, but we found that the employees would just uncheck it. My next thought was to have a plugin who’s only purpose was to enable “chathistory”, that way auditing is taking place and the files are stored locally, but none of our developers are familiar with java. So i’m forced to outsource this request. Anyone interested in taking this project on in a timely manner? If so email me a quote for this project.

Message was edited by: Cory Does anyone know of a company that does plugin development?