Requesting and Accessing Fast Path WorkGroups/Agents using Spark IM client


I was successfully able to use web chat and get connected with fast path workgroups etc, and my queries were being routed and queued properly.

Your documentation states that the same request procedure is allowed using the Spark IM client too. However I am not able to figure out how to use the Spark IM client to make a request to a FastPath workgroup / agent. Could you please tell me how to use the Spark IM client and achieve the same thing that I was able to do with the WebChat.

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I have the exact same question and so far I have not found the answer either. I would have expected some kind of new contacts to appear in users’’ contact lists in Spark.

In fact, for me, web-based access is not really important. I’'m trying to create some internal support channel using FastPath, so all my users are logged in with Spark.

Did you find the solution to this problem?



Hi again,

I found a “half-solution”. To contact FastPath in Spark, you have to send a message to:


Then you will enter a chat session and it will be routed.

Now the only remaining question is how to add these workgroup accounts automatically to the rosters of every user. Otherwise, they have to add the accounts individually. I cannot create new shared groups including these accounts because I’'m using LDAP.



I created a JID link in the URL Bookmarks (Server -> Client Management) It was not the hot setup but it worked.

Do you have any ideas about how to address a specific queue?