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Requesting part of a user roster?


Is it possible to request only part of a user roster, maybe only one group in the roster?

My users have a very long contact list with subscription=“none” which should be available to them when requested but on day to day usage they need to see only the users in the roster with subscription=“both”.

Is there a way to achieve that?


I am guessing that the users are allowed to manage their roster? If so have them make a Group for each set and collapse the group that they do not want to see. If a users’s contact status changes, have them move the contact to the other group.


Make a group for each set of contacts and collapse the unnecessary groups will work but I`m worry about performance both server and client side.

If a user uses normally 10 contacts but has 300 on his roster wouldn`t it be a waste to load all the roster each time he logs in?

I guess cache will improve things but the roster might change frequently and there is probably a limit to how many rosters the server can cache.