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Required permissions for running Spark?


I just installed the Spark client on an agent PC, but the client will not load under their Windows login. I tested the client using an administrator login and it worked fine, but it does not even load the login screen from the agent Windows ID. The first thing that came to mind was permissions, as we do lock down the stations pretty tight here. We’re not using LDAP for our Openfire server.

Is there a list of the needed permissions for running Spark under Windows?

If it’s not a permissions issue, what else could be causing the problem?

Does anyone have a clue as to why it would work under one Windows login, and not another? Does Spark work well with roaming profiles?

I use spark with 200+ roaming profiles and it works fine. The application creates the folders for the user on first run. I would suggest the error is either with the method of install or the policy you are using to restrict the user.

The program was installed manually at each station with the EXE downloaded from the website, there were only about 8 stations I’ve loaded it on so far. Any suggestions on which settings in the policy would affect Spark? I have some users able to get in, but others that can’t even open the application. The policies between these users is fairly similar.