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Requirement of the Hardware

I am installing Spark 2.5.3 and I have observed that the memoria consumption is high. Which the requirement minimo of the hardware to install this client. Thank you

they alguem would know to inform how many usuarios they can connect at the same time for openfire.

Thank You…



for Spark you should have at least 64 MB free memory on the client, better 128 MB.

Openfire needs about 1 MB for every connection, so the default installation with Xmx64m can handle about 64 connections, also 100 connections may be possible.


I have found that editing the shortcut that starts spark can help with the java memory usage. I found this on the net in relation to something else and seems to help with spark. If you go to the properties of your spark shortcut (assuming this is windows), edit the target to look something like this “C:\Program Files\Spark\Spark.exe” -Xms48M -Xmx48M

After adding that I have had much better luck with Spark and the memory usage doesn’'t go over 50M.


you need at least 10 MB for the permanent heap and 30 MB for the native heap. It may be possible that your operating system does not count these but with 48 MB for the Java heap you are using 100 MB. If you are using Windows and there the Task Manager you may want to display also the virtual memory usage to get the total size of allocated memory.

Spark allows also to use a Spark.vmoptions file where one can specify these parameters but with Xmx48m it may spend some time with garbage collections and you may hit OutOfMemory errors.