Rerun spark.exe - reopen from tray?

Running spark in windows 7 - when users “close” spark (via x top right) spark does not close, instead its minimized to the tray. I have seen this talked about a bit and understand that its just how spark works, limitation of how windows is etc. Not the end of the world.

The problem I have run into from every single user I have deployed spark to (about 15 ee’s so far) is that they a. dont look for spark in the tray and **double clicking the desktop icon does not open / restore the client. **Sure, Ill be the first to admit that this is more of a user problem, but Im surprised how many people I have seen run into this. Click the x, program “goes away”, first instinct to re-open is the program icon. It does kinda make sense.

Would it be possible for any future builds to be able to re-open the client via desktop/program group icon? (basically re-executing spark.exe)


I’m not sure if this can be done. Bringing window up is done via Java AWT or similar function i think. And Spark.exe is only launching a Java program (Spark.jar). Spark.exe is generated by install4j and i don’t know if we can alter it. Even if we can, a simple launcher program should be calling a Java function in an already running Java program. Maybe some experienced Java developer can answer this.

I have never ran into such issue (200+ users). Probably depends on the userbase and how it is presented. I have prepared a tutorial with screenshots for our users. When i teach a new user personally, Spark is usually already running, so i start by clicking on its systray icon and proceed to explain roster and other things. So i think users see how i click on that icon to bring it up and somehow get it.

Yeah its not a huge issue, its basically just educating users. Sometimes I forget. You are correct about the user base. Other programs most of the time will open back up if they are already minimized to the tray, but Im guessing they are not java based.

I almost necroposted this post:

Avoid minimize to tray (windows)

Reason: it describes the problem as children lacking the computer knowledge to do similar. I thought it appropriate because sometimes I feel that the user base that I support has about the same computer usage capacity.

I sometimes run into this system tray thing with a few users as well. No matter how many times I show them, they “forget”. I’ve thought about just removing X or changing it to also minimize. But since I only have a few users that seem to have the problem, I haven’t mess with it.

I wonder if you could set it that behavior in file?

Something similar to RunInSystemTray=false

I am new to the community and still learning as I go (Spark and Java)