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Researching Build Breakage

Dear developers of the igniterealtime/Openfire project,

We are MSc students from the Delft University of Technology doing research on why builds break in open source projects. To do this, we are analyzing Travis build statistics and build history of Openfire.

By analyzing the build history of Openfire, we found the following:

  • The project has 3.6% failing builds in the history
  • The project has a very low amount of build failures compared to other similar projects

When looking at Openfire’s build metrics, we could not find clear factors that are highly correlated with this result.

To identify the reasons behind build breakage, we would like to collect developer insights into the reasons why build breakage occurs. If you have five minutes, please answer the survey we have created. Your response will be very useful in our study.

Thank you.

Most of those build failures are from a transient SSL test failure, I believe.

Fabio P, is this you again?

As I’ve stated before:
I am really annoyed by this unsolicited request (as it is one of many survey requests that I receive). Surveys are the new spam, in my book. Please do not use this tool, as it harasses people that you’re interested in. You risk alienating people.

I’ve had apologies before, as well as assurances that it would not happen again.

As someone who attended EWI, I’m thoroughly disappointed.