Reset Chat Log Archive

I did a search but didnt pull up anything. How can we go about resetting our chat log archive?

You need to do it manually from database. As u didnot mention wat database u using i cant tel u more…

Hi Debendra,

We are running on centos with a pretty much default install, so I am guessing the database is a built-in version of mysql?! I did not specifically configure an external sql server for this install.


If you are using the embedded database this will be difficult. I actually dont know where they store the data in stored database.

The built in database has no good management tools. There is no easy way to do database maintenance on the embedded database. This database is recommended for evaluation purposes. Ignite recommends using an external database for production servers. This will increase your ease of database management and scalability.

I dont disagree one bit. This was one of those projects that went into place as an evaluation, then became a pilot project then suddenly became mission critical. We have about 200 active users which is not a lot but we are starting to see where having a seperate database would prove beneficial.

With that being said however, is there anyway within the existing setup to reset our archiving or no?


Sounds like you’ve run into both the upside and downside of using the embedded database. The upside is that it allows people to get Openfire up and running quickly, the downside is that it (the database) can be difficult to manage.

The embedded database does actually have some management tools but they can’t be used while Openfire is running. So the best/only thing you can do is to stop Openfire, make a copy of the $OPENFIRE_HOME/embedded_db directory for backup and then navigate to the bin/extras directory and run the script which will start up a basic Java based view that allows you to look at/edit the tables. The table you’ll want to update is the ofMessageArchive. You can also update the records in this table manually by editing the openfire.script file in the embedded_db directory and removing the various “insert into ofMessageArchive …” lines. Once you’re done making your changes startup Openfire and you should be good to go.

As Todd said you should move to an external database, particularly if you already have a dedicated machine that is used by other applications and is well managed, backed up, etc.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the informative reply Ryan!

How can this be done using MSSQL as the database?

The logs are kept in a single table within the database. This database can be edited via the management tools to remove old logs. The logs are date based. Refer to this thread: