Resetting User Password in Openfire is not working

Hi Experts,

When I tried to change Openfire User passwords from Users/Group it shows error message like “Error Meeting Password. This operation is not supported with current Configuration”

This is happing for all users. Opefire Version - 3.9.3

What seetings should I change to enable password Change. Also I have login with Admin account.



Hi Pramod,

If you are using a LDAP configuration (connecting it to Active Directory for example) to populate your users and groups, then that would prevent you from changing the users passwords from within Openfire.



Thank you Jarred for response. We don’t have AD integration in place. Any other setting which may cause this error?

Do you have any sort of external authentication piece in place? That is only thing that I can think of would prevent you from changing anything in the users and groups. Maybe some one else has had this experience and can give us another idea

Did have another thought sorry for the double post Have you checked the error logs? There could be a clue there as to why it is not allowing