REST API Plugin issues


I am writing a client on Python, and found these issues:

  • When “update a chat room” endpoint used, if optional parameters are not specified explicitly, they are reset to default. But, in contrast, “update user” endpoint works better. If parameter not given, or value is None, then old value used.
  • No shared groups functionality
  • No delayed lockouts support

I’m not an expert in Java, and will be happy if you pay attention to these defects, and add them to your TODO

Thank you for your work!

I don’t understand your first point. Such I know, have “update user” no optional params at all.

Link: REST API Plugin Readme

I added the second and third point as a feature request to my todo list.

Concerning the first point, i can make request to “update user” endpoint with next payload:


And as a result neither “name”, nor “email” params do not change in the database, or with next payload:




Result is the same.

But if I do not set any of “update a chat room” parameter, they reset to default. As a side effect I have to repeat the long list of options for a room. I mean I don’t want to specify the whole long list of the params if I want to change only one of them. Please check this.


Ok I got your point. I will also add it to my todo list. Thy!