Restart required when adding new users... Why?

We’re running LDAP (Active Directory) with openfire and whenever we add a new user every user has to restart Spark in order to see that unew ser. For example, lets say we have a user setup in AD and we add them to the Spark Group in AD and install Spark on their computer. When they login they can see everyone, but no one else inthe Spark Group can see them until they restart Spark.

I do not know what the refresh period is for spark, but it will eventually add the new user to the roster. I have had it take hours and other times it can be near instant.

I will agree with both of you. It can take hours. The next morning is almost always guarenteed and often a restart of the client is required. The original poster was right thoughj, “WHY?” there should be an “update” button somewhere and there should be a configurable variable in the preferences to tell it how often to check. Guessing how long it takes is a bug IMHO/

I would go further than that. Whenever the server detects a new user it will then update all the clients contact list with that new user rather than having each client check into the server, but yes at the very least there should be an manual update button on the server that will update all the online clients. The offline clients get updated with the sign in.

I was actually refering to the client since it seems the clients themselves are responsible for getting the updated list afaik. It should in fact be the other way around since the server knows when a client is connected but if it cannot be then the clients should in fact poll at a regular interval, say one request per x seconds/minutes to check for updates. This can be optimized with a single query “is there an update?” and the server responds “yes/no”, if client recieves “yes” then request the user list and do a differential compare to the current user list to identify new ones and then add those new ones to the server. Heh, if I knew java I would write the damn thing but alas I am a C man.

I found that restarting the Opensfire server corrects any modifications to Active Directory. Once the clients auto relogin they see the updated groups. Restarting the server won’t be a option once I fully deploy this awesome app. Could it be a error in our configs? Or is it the Openfire server? I’m running Openfire 3.5.2 and Spark 2.5.8 the .EXE install form the Openfire website.

Well on my end I see it auto added to the sever within short order, typically less then 30 minutes however with the clients, long after the server has detected the change, I can restart the client and not get that effect. Furthermore I can see that effect sooner on one client and when I restart the other client it still has no effect which leads me to believe that the client will keep a data posting of the last update, check that post on start and if X number of minutes has passed then check again on client start only.

Now this is only an assumption of mine but all evidence leads me to believe that I am right until something else presents itself to tell me otherwise. No matter how it is managed though it is still a bug IMHO.

Yeah. Over all the progrma is pretty cool and useful, but the updating thing needs to be tweaked. I had the server runnign with abotu 20 users as a test. I removed all groups and created new ones in AD. Openfire - TEC, Openfire - Staff, etc. My client updated, but others jsut deleted the old groups and left the users in a unfiled catergory. Then I restarted the openfire server and bam, the groups were updated. I reallt thought my internal firewall was doign something, so I enabled all chat traffic. We’ll see what happens Monday when the 25 usres get back to work. Have you noticed how much memory the Spark client consumes? It seems like on my clients it uses about 73,676 K!