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Restrict Access via AD Group?

Hi all,

Is it possible to restrict access to the IM service by way of an Active Directory group ?

I would like to restrict the ‘‘allowed’’ users by adding them into a new group stored in AD, already have AD integration and it all working perfectly - now I need to limit it’'s use.

Is there a plugin or some code available somewhere ? - performed a search but could not find anything, but could be missing something



Found it - change the search pattern in wildfire.xml

Hi Stubee,

Can you paste what you used for the search filter? I’‘ve been trying to get this to work for a couple hours now and can’'t seem to get it to stick.




Here’'s what we used:

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Thank you winter! I missing the “![CDATA” part. Kind of new to this.

yup - that’'s it …


Every time I do this with the following syntaxt in my openfire.xml file no one is longer to log on. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!