Restrict admin privileges

Hi, we are using Openfire 3.6.4 on Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition in company i’m working in (running with HSQL Database Engine 1.8.0). We have few hundred registered users, but often we need to change logins, add new accounts or do similar easy tasks.

I would like to give a few people outside IT department in company restricted access to admin console to perform simple tasks: add user account, change password, assign to a group. I don’t want to give them full access to every feature available.

Since there are no specific privileges for admin user, i’m looking for other way to accomplish that task, and i need some guidance/advice from developers.

Option 1:

python script accessing database and performing SQL statements to add user account, change password or add user to a group. Can HSQL Database Engine 1.8.0 support concurrent connections? Are passwords stored in hashed form (md5 maybe?)

Option 2:

Editing admin html templates to render only things i want. There can i find these files? how can i add new url to render my alternate template?