Restrict which users can communicate with each other?

So this hasn’t happened to me yet, but I imagine it will. Is there any way to restrict a line level employee from chatting up the CEO or other exec level user for example?

Using the latest version of Openfire with 0 plugins. Spark client.


Adam Tyler

Take a look at Packet Filter plugin options.

Thought I would update this post after the research and testing I have done. So it appears that Openfire/spark by design require there be a “friend” request for lack of a better term and an acceptance of that request prior to any chatting happening. Which leads me to believe that the only time you would run into the above concern I would think is if you are using the “Enable contact list group sharing” and “Share group with additional users” options from the Users/Groups menu of the Admin Console. I was able to restrict login for users who we didn’t want sending invites entirely with the below solution:

Openfire LDAP authentication and restrictions

Simply use the granular group list under “Share group with additional users” option if you don’t want certain groups to automatically have access to others. This “should” require an invite / accept before they can chat.

This “should” require an invite / accept before they can chat.

Yeah, but this is still a communication and possibly an annoyance of the second part in my book But if it works for you, then it is fine. Packet Filter can be messy with all these rules.