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Retrieve group entrie chat history

Hi All,

Thank you for viewing this message, I am totally new to XMPP development. Really need help about group chat history problem.

I am developing an app for group chat service, and use Openfire at server side. One of the request is retrieving whole chat history when user enter the room.

But I found Openfire didn’t send entire history to occupants, I check the table ofMucConversationLog, some history logs are missing if their logTime is before a random date time (this date time is different for every room).

I tried following settings:

  1. Set Group Chat > Group Chat Settings > History Settings to “Show Entire Chat History”. This seems only affects newly created rooms.

  2. Send while joining room, but stil fail to retrieve entire history.

I upgrage Openfire to 3.9.3 some days before, I am not sure they are relative or not.

Any help is welcome.